Our Staff



Principal - Mrs Tracey Frazer

Assistant Principal  - Relieving (Early Stage 1 and Stage 1) - Mr Dene Whitfield

Assistant Principal (Stage 2) - Mrs Alexis Scott

Assistant Principal (Stage 3)- Mrs Pauline Smith


Teaching Staff  

Mrs Jenny Miller (Preschool)

Mr Dene Whitfield (Kindergarten)

Mrs Angela Windred (Kindergarten)

Miss Jordie Bennett (Stage 1)

Ms Valerie Morrison (Stage 1)

Ms Joanne Wicks (Stage 1)

Miss Amy Hadwell (Stage 1/2)

Mrs Alexis Scott (Stage 2)

Ms Nell Jones (Stage 2)

Miss Stacey Frazer (Stage 2/3)

Mr Sean Kelleher (Stage 3)

Mrs Pauline Smith (Stage 3)

Mrs Catherine Pearce (Librarian)

Mrs Michelle Ovenstone (Learning Assistance and Support Teacher)

Mr Sam Crawley (RFF teacher)

Mrs Christine Hayes (RFF teacher)